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Men’s Flair, Winston Chesterfield -

Here’s an article from Men’s Flair shopping guide: Glove Problems By Winston Chesterfield There is no doubt that I prefer the sole trader to the chain. While I am a strong supporter of the much improved stores of the high street, there is a price to pay for the efficiency and economy of the offerings of large chain stores. For one thing, it’s unlikely that you’ll find anything that isn’t designed to appeal to a broad range of chaps; certain shops valiantly seek to sell taste but generally speaking, they’ll sell what they know people will buy. Although this is...

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Los Angeles Times -

From LA Times Article: "Dorothy Gaspar's glove designs pack star power" by Monica Corcoran Dorothy Gaspar does not make gloves for meek women. Her long, sinuous leather creations -- imagine Louboutin stilettos for your hands -- are better suited for martini-swilling minxes who smirk through apologies. Same goes for the chic two-tone driving gloves that come in flashy sports-car colors and snap efficiently at the wrist. Even folded over in repose, like sleeping swans, Gaspar's gloves are ready for their close-up.And no doubt, you've seen a couple of her designs on the big screen: the chic cocoa-colored gloves Angelina Jolie...

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LA Fashion Week, Samora -

Originally posted by Erin at Sun October 21st, 2008 “With Samora’s collection the catwalk and hall looked like a sunny day in Paris atLos Angeles FashionWeek.The backdrop decorated with picture of the Eiffel tower and a bicycle on the runway that really did make you feel like you were in Paris!Samora’s spring 2009 line was heavily influenced by la vie francaise. High-waisted skirts and short jumpers, day dresses, and plenty of flounces and ruffles were pretty and ladylike, and organza overcoats channeled Audrey Hepburn.The row also included white trousers and blouses, with some rumpled in black and paired up...

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