Gaspar Gloves is a renowned luxury glove company serving a worldwide clientele with sophisticated taste, high expectations, and uncompromising demand for quality. We view gloves as an accessory that is worn year-round to be fashionable, and occasionally, to keep the hands warm. Our approach to design is derived from the fusion of old-world craftsmanship and new-age fashion. Our carefully selected materials work in harmony to produce unparalleled results.
We do not follow trends. We make them.
Gaspar Gloves adorn the hands of the rich and famous, and are regularly featured on the pages of the most prestigious fashion publications worldwide. They are also seen on the big screen, in television, on the stages of theaters, and even in luxury car showrooms across the USA. Celebrities ask for Gaspar Gloves and we deliver every time, on time, anywhere in the world. For us, every customer is royalty, and is to be treated as such. Our on-demand production model is unique and unmatched, ensuring quick turn arounds and consistent quality. Our gloves are made to last and are collected by glove enthusiasts around the world. 
Gaspar Gloves is the curator of high-end fashion today, and the trendsetter of tomorrow.