Behind The Row: Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

by Sarah Mower | photographed by Bruce Weber

Excerpt from the article:
“This twinny-creative dynamic was evident during a fall design meeting weeks earlier. Their fabric-sourcer had brought in an array of luxurious samples of leathers, skins, and fur, which they set about stroking and distinguishing between. “See, all we do is pet things all day!” joked Mary-Kate. Ashley pulled out a length of glossy, chocolate-colored python. “I want to make driving gloves out of these, with the knuckles out!” She got excited over how they’d sourced a specialist Los Angeles glove-maker, Gaspar, which has a history dating back to nineteenth-century Europe. They care about tradition and provenance, producing locally as much as they can to support employment, but then they’ll fuse it with pure twenty-first-century girl-think: Some of the gloves have fingertips made in high-tech treated leather so you don’t have to take them off when using a touchscreen.”

You can read the entire article here at Vogue Daily: Vogue Daily – The Olsen Twins

From their fashion line “The Row” runway show –

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