Originally posted by Erin at millionlooks.com
Sun October 21st, 2008

“With Samora’s collection the catwalk and hall looked like a sunny day in Paris atLos Angeles Fashion

The backdrop decorated with picture of the Eiffel tower and a bicycle on the runway that really did make you feel like you were in Paris!

Samora’s spring 2009 line was heavily influenced by la vie francaise. High-waisted skirts and short jumpers, day dresses, and plenty of flounces and ruffles were pretty and ladylike, and organza overcoats channeled Audrey Hepburn.

The row also included white trousers and blouses, with some rumpled in black and paired up with a layered mint green skirt that looked admirable together, and sheer robes.

Favorites included a white dress with pockets that had a sheer rectangle over the chest making it not your customary bridle, and a floral dress that had ruffles and a v neck hemline as well as a bow that parceled around and cinched the waist.  Stylish was the flawless word for her gorgeous and stunning line.

There were lots of ruffles, ruffles, ruffles! Samora was all about the ruffles for Spring 2009.Gowns were in ruffles from necklines, to hemlines that gave each part a flirty feel to it, making it perfect. The floral decorations were a bit matronly.  Lengths of dresses ranged from short such as an charming pinstriped dress that was ornamented with white lace, as well as a long, full of size princess mango dress-perfect for any occasion, but this pink corset dress was out of place.

Some were sleeveless, bridle, and thongly.

Pinstripe and brilliant colors were the theme of the show. Palettes included mint green, black, mango, and shades of pink.

Patterns were remarkable floral prints that brought you right to
spring and painted everything in flowery colors.

Gloves are one of the main accessories presented in the collection. They’re one of the hottest trends, and Samora presented her own idea of fab gloves for spring 2009.

Half-gloves are made of leather, not covering the hand in full.

Gloves were predominantly of black, white and black-and white color, looking beautiful and unique.

We’re looking forward seeing this collection in stores worldwide.”

Gaspar Team