Here's a very interesting article from Highsnobiety about how the movie "Drive" set a template for coolness.  The article even talks about our gloves that were in the film.

Here's an excerpt from the article by Alec Banks:

"As we noted in December 2015, gloves might be one of the last things on your shopping list, but a good, high-quality pair will do you right for season after season.

According to The New York Times, Dorothy Gaspar – the maker of his driving gloves –  had more inquiries about her work following Drive than she did after any of the more than 70 other films for which she designed gloves – including Titanic, The Changeling, Batman Returns, Charlie’s Angels and three X-Men films.

Made from genuine Italian hair sheep leather by specially trained craftsmen, The Los Angeles Times has referred to Gaspar gloves as “Louboutin stilettos for your hands.”

“While some say Drive is a film ‘about gloves,’ the gloves were not in the script,” said costume designer, Erin Benach, in the Costume Designer Guild’s Fall ’11 publication. “I thought about the elements of a race car driver combined with the nature of a killer (not wanting to leave his fingerprints behind) and it was a natural decision. The open knuckle driving gloves were not available in the rich chocolate brown we wanted so we died the six pair from Gaspar Gloves.”

What’s perhaps of greatest note is not necessarily that Gosling’s character opted for leather gloves, it’s that he and the director didn’t bristle at the fact that the gloves themselves were made and marketed for women."

Here's the complete article:

Gaspar Team