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“Freezing temperatures are here. If you’re traveling up north, you’ll be bundled up from head to toe. Hat, coat, scarves and gloves. All essential to survive the frigid chill in the air.

But, how do you function in today’s world where everything is a touch screen and you’re bundled up? Icy cold fingers won’t operate your iPhone and neither will fingers swathed in leather and thinsulate. Nobody wants to take off their gloves every time they need to use a touchscreen.

Enter Gaspar Gloves and their new TouchTec gloves. These gloves have magic in them that enables the wearer to have warm fingers and still be able to use any touchscreen device. Amazing magic, indeed.

Really, the gloves aren’t magical, they just seem that way. The TouchTec technology possess antimicrobial qualities that mimic the body and will actually work better than your naked fingers, depending on temperature. TouchTec is completely invisible and the gloves look and feel like any other leather glove available.

But they’re not like any other glove. These gloves let you operate any type of touch screen without having to be removed or take off a finger tip. You’ll stay warm when you’re punching in an address on your nav screen or walking down the street unlocking your smart phone.

The gloves are leather, lined with thinsulate. They’re warm and stylish. The ones I tried were purple and black, the black part having the TouchTec magic inside. All of the fingers worked on the screen, even the back part of the index finger, showing the years of glove making experience Gaspar used when designing the gloves. Whether I used a finger tip or a knuckle, all of my entries were accepted.

The gloves, available on line at, come in a wide array of colors and styles for the fashion conscious. Pricing starts around $165 which will have you double checking that you have your gloves with you, not left behind on an airline seat. But, they’re worth the price once you realize you won’t have frostbitten fingers the next time you’re using a touchscreen.”

Gaspar Gloves provided the test gloves to HTG, with the provision that they’re sent back once we’re finished with them. After using the gloves, we realized we liked them so much we’re just going to purchase them.

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