Vogue Covers Arms with Gaspar Gloves

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Hot Pick for Fall: Gaspar Gloves

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September 22, 2009 by Tracy Hopkins
It’s official, today is the first day of fall. Even though the weather isn’t the least bit frosty, it’s still a good time to invest in a quality pair of gloves.

During Fashion Week, I went to a cocktail presentation for Gaspar Gloves. Designed by third generation glover maker Dorothy Gaspar, the gloves were featured in designer Erin Fetherston’s feminine Spring 2010 runway show.

The gloves are also highly regarded in Hollywood and have been worn by leading ladies including Angelina Jolie (”The Changeling” ) and Michelle Pfieffer (as a fierce Cat Woman).

Gaspar gloves are like buttah, and I can’t wait to wear my black leather pair with an eye-catching woven pattern.

Image credit: Tracy E. Hopkins

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The Fashion Examiner Blog

reprinted from The Fashion Examiner Blog


Gloves seem to be making a comeback with the young set, and we can thank LADY GAGA and MILEY CYRUS for that. The power pop stars have is indisputable and we have no argument with Dorothy’s butter soft kid creations getting pushed to the front of the line. Lady Gaga favors the basic driving gloves and black + red, white, and black. Miley’s pic are the fingerless pink pair.

Dorothy Gaspar, is a third generation master glove maker, has been in the family business of glove making all her life. The Gaspar Glove business was established originally in Budapest, Hungary by her grandfather in 1885. When Dorothy moved to Los Angeles in 1985, Gaspar Gloves experienced a rebirth a hundred years later.

Dorothy, donning a pair of her black lace Madonna in the eighties gloves, answered a few questions during her press presentation.

FE: You said young people are embracing gloves now?
DOROTHY GASPAR: I love seeing them in clubs. I have a lot of younger customers who realize gloves are a way to jazz up an outfit without breaking the bank.

FE: There was a big piece in Harpers’ Bazaar about “the classis”, a good idea in a recession. What’s your interpretation of a classic?

DOROTHY: Yes, you want to start with the basic vintage style that’s simple and clean but has some interesting twenties style stitiching.
FE: How much for a basic pair of Gaspars?
DOROTHY: Around $200 and they’re in kid leather. The long ones which are all one skin and go from $400 – 500 depending on the detail.

FE: Your favorite pair is…
DOROTHY: the red checkered ones with zippers. Perfect with a red suit!

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Vogue - September 2009


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Modern Bride - Dec/Jan 2010

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Harper’s Bazaar Singapore - August 2009

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Lucky Magazine Goes Retro

Photo: Kim Myers Robertson   

"Demure clothes get a quiet sex appeal from a few well-chosen accessories
— in particular these dramatic leather gloves".
          – Luckymag.Com
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GQ - 2009 Comedy Issue - Sacha Baron Cohen

The actor Sacha Baron Cohen (best known as Borat ) is promoting his latest film Bruno in GQ magazine and can be seen wearing Gaspar Gloves.

Photo: Mark Seliger 

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Vogue – Nippon - August 2009

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Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Iron Man II

Entertainment Weekly revealed the first ever photos of Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. And guess what? She’s sporting Gaspar Gloves.

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