ArcLight Stories – Hail, Caesar! Cinematography and Costume Design



Zoolander 2 – Blue Steel – FIAT 500X

zoolander-fiat-1 zoolander-fiat-2 zoolander-fiat-3 zoolander-fiat-4 zoolander-fiat-5

Ellen & Sofia Vergara – Simply Ageless Makeup from COVERGIRL + Olay

covergirl-ed-sv-1 covergirl-ed-sv-2 covergirl-ed-sv-3

Vogue and Zoolander – February 2016

Penélope Cruz and Derek Zoolander Re-Create Iconic Fashion Shoots

zoolander2-0 zoolander2-1

Tang Yan – Harper’s Bazaar China – February 2016

hbc-201601-0 hbc-201601-1 Valentino.key